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Learning Tips: Apostrophes and Possessives

English Level: Intermediate

Valen of EngVid shows how to correctly use apostrophes to show possession. She covers common grammatical mistakes, as well as joint ownership.

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Graded readers

An excellent way to learn English! Graded readers are books that have been written or stories that have been rewritten at an easier level of English. You can get them in different levels. For example, Level 1 in a series might be restricted to 500 headwords, Level 2 to 600 headwords, and Level 3 to 700 headwords. That means the higher the level the more difficult the vocabulary and generally the more difficult the grammatical structures. You should find a graded reader that has no more than 5 or 6 new words on every page. You should still be able to understand the story and you will be learning the new words by reading them in context rather than looking them up in the dictionary.

Some graded readers also come with audio so that you can listen and read at the same time. Penguin readers (http://www.penguinreaders.com/) are popular, but there are many other publishers. Make a collection, it is a worthwhile investment.


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